Often an assignment consists of only a single assignment. It can be a printed matter, or a book that needs to be designed. It can be an illustration that is requested. But sometimes the assignments need a little deeper commitment ...

This may be when a concept needs to be developed from scratch. Then we always start by familiarizing ourselves with the client's company and organization. How does the company want to be perceived? Who are the recipients / target group? What does the economy look like? What advantages does the company have over its competitors? Why should customers choose this particular company? Once those questions have been answered, we can start the journey together with what needs to be done.

A brief / assignment description from the customer is always good to start from. In this way, we do not have to guess and the solutions will be better from the beginning. If there is a business plan and maybe even a marketing plan, we are happy to take part in these as well.

If the company has a prepared graphic profile, we familiarize ourselves with it before the project starts. If a graphic company profile is missing, we must still try to find a form that suits the purpose. However, it takes a little longer. Should a graphic company profile be completely missing or if the current one has been depleted throughout the year and no longer holds together, we are happy to help develop a new one or update the one you have. For smaller profile assignments, we carry out the strategic work in collaboration with the customer. For larger commitments, Brunzell Design takes the help of a network of knowledgeable colleagues.

In a graphic profile review, we review your logo, What do you use for graphic expressions? Is the color scale uniform and sticky, What fonts are used? What graphic elements and images are there? We cut through all your marketing material to see what holds the measure and what should be improved. The goal is for your company profile to be uniform and clear. We help you find the common thread that will permeate all marketing material and everything you show to the outside world. This includes, for example, office prints, trade fair stands, sign systems, give-aways, advertisements / banners, packaging design, printed matter and websites, etc. The basis for all effective communication is to be consistent in how you look and that you are clear when communicating.

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  • LOGO

    Graphic design creates identity and recognition for companies and products. Logos, graphics, fonts, colors, shapes and image choices are all components of the whole that give companies and products their own unique profile. The goal is increased awareness and identification.


    A company's graphic identity is not complete without a suit. Colors and shapes make up the suit or dress the company wears. The shape complements the logo and deepens the visual impression and identity.


    Fonts, or fonts as they are called in the computer age, are chosen for two different reasons. Partly to strengthen the identity and create unity and partly to safeguard readability and clarity. The font choice is advantageously chosen according to the company's temperament.


    What kind of images and image manners best belong together with the rest of the identity? Artistic black / white or a lot of color? Maybe no pictures at all but just graphics? Maybe it should simply be illustrations instead?



We assume here that the goal has already been set. You know how you want to be perceived and what makes you unique. In other words, you already have a business plan. The next step will then be to determine how we should proceed to create a sustainable graphic and communicative concept.

  • 01


    We produce an assignment description that describes the nature of the assignment, objectives, media, schedule

  • 02


    How are we doing this? Who does what?

    What resources are required?

  • 03


    Find a key concept based on

    the company's values and goals

  • 04


    How should the concept be visualized and communicated?

  • 05


    Which units are to be manufactured and in what order?

  • 06


    The concept is created according to what we have agreed on.

    Design, image, text, etc.



  • BERG

    BERG FASTIGHETSJURIDIK works with real estate law, condominium conversion and property development


    FRAKTAL offers digital business development.


    The Council supports boards and managements in defining goals and identifying the challenges in business-critical decisions and processes.


Brunzell Design has over twenty-five years of experience in design, marketing and illustration. All these years have resulted in a solid knowledge that accompanies all projects, large and small.

Brunzell Design conducts its operations mainly in and around Stockholm, Uppsala, Enköping but is happy to accept assignments from all over the country.

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