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Album covers designed by Brunzell Design

Over the years, Brunzell Design has designed album covers for various artists. Every single one of these missions has been very fun and inspiring to complete. Music in most forms is close to Brunzell Design's heart and that makes it extra fun to design album covers and more for musicians and artists.

Some of the artists who have had covers designed by Brunzell Design are:

  • Stiko Per Larsson

  • Anna Sahlene

  • Xion

  • Andy and the Rockets

  • Stockholm Sinfonietta

  • Exil

  • Enemies

  • The Thieves from the North

Skivomslag designade abv Brunzell Design

This playlist on Spotify contains most of the album covers that

Brunzell Design done.


Book a phone meeting if you want to know more...



This album is not yet in the Spotify playlist. It will be released in January 2024.

XION with the album »Between Shadows and Gods«. A very good record by a very promising young metal band. They really have the future ahead of them…

We will return with more information soon...

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