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New edition of cult hard rock single

Sometimes you get a little odd assignments!

Today I received the new release of the hard rock group ZONE ZERO's debut single "Win or Die" which I helped to reconstruct in the mailbox. ZONE ZERO was a hard rock band from Gagnef in Dalarna who debuted in 1982 with the said single. There was not much more success, even though this single is a cult classic in some hard rock circles. Clearly inspired by the new hard rock song from England that was very popular at the time (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, early 80's). Personally, I have loved this single ever since! You may think I was shocked when Pelle at Dala Pop heard about it and wanted help with a new edition. Only problem, no print originals were left. It was just to start from a worn original recording and try to reconstruct everything as well as possible. Just draw the logos on the front and back so when the original was as challenging as possible. But it was cool!

However, the labels on the disc are new for this release and no red vinyl had the original single.

A very different but fun mission!

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